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Case Communications, Industrial Network Solutions

Street – hardened networks for mission-critical applications in harsh environments

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Case Communications is a UK based global manufacturer specialising in the design, development and world-wide implementation of industrial / rugged corporate communication systems, with over 35 years ‘pedigree and experience’.

At the forefront of the networking sector, Case Communications are specialists focused on providing leading edge industrial communication solutions for mission critical applications in harsh environments.

Being involved in the design, development, manufacture and supply of our networking products, we ensure that our industrial network solutions are effectively suited to their role.

We provide flexible and cost effective industrial networking products, supporting open-source software where possible and tailoring our industrial Ethernet systems to meet each customer’s requirements. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding levels of support and work in partnership with our customers.

We have global customers based in a wide variety of industries. Entrusting their communication and network systems to us are large Oil, Gas Corporations, Railways, Air Traffic Control Systems, Utilities, Traffic / Highway organisations and Governments, to name a few. Whether you require reliable communication over a large area or a system able to withstand harsh conditions, we have the outstanding products, support and advice you need.

With a heavy focus on communication solutions for mission critical (machine to machine (M2M)) operations, Case Communications understand the industry and telecommunication technology to the fullest. To ensure the best possible service, we invest more than 25% of our revenue toward research and development of our industrial communication products every year.

If you would like to know more about our flexible industrial ethernet solutions or any of our corporate networking products, then please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer service team on +44 (0) 845 643 0800 – 01494 880 240 or e-mail us at

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Case Communications key technologies:

Industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch 6401 Industrial ADSL Router

6401 Industrial ADSL router rear

Industrial Ethernet Switches  Industrial Routers 
    -400C to +750C fanless switches with resilient ring technology              -400C to +750C fanless routers, secure ADSL, V.DSL, Fibre with 2G/3G/4G back up 
  Industrial Ethernet Extenders  Industrial Ethernet First Mile
Case 3G Router with Wi-Fi
 Industrial 3G router
Industrial Ethernet First mile  Industrial 2G /3G /4G-LTE Routers
   -200C to +750C  60Mbps Business broadband / Ethernet Extender over copper -20C to +70C
   -400C to +750C fanless cellular routers


 Voice Over IP E1 DC Power

Industrial Gigabit Media Converter Multi-Mode ST / SC Media Converter
 Voice Over IP, SIP gateways, PBX  Industrial Media Converters
   Voice Over IP, SIP & GSM Gateway, PBX, DACCS, TDM to IP     Industrial DIN Rail mounted media converters 10/100/1000 with SFP trunks
   Industrial DIN Rail mounted patch panel Industrial DIN rail mounted splice and patch panel Wimax 300 Mbps point to point, point to multi-point 5Ghz WiMax
 Industrial Patch Panels WiMax Systems
    Industrial DIN rail mounted patch panels    Up to 300Mbps point to point and point to multi-point
   SNMP Multi-user Management System  SNMP management system network map  Cisco 3900 Replacement  Cisco 7000 replacement

Linux BGP4 Router

  CaseView High performance Linux routers
   SNMP multi-user  based network management system    High performance BGP4, Cisco replacement routers


Communications hardware products are merely the building blocks of a network. To ensure successful implementation and continued ongoing operation, suppliers need to form partnerships with their customers and be able to offer a complete range of services. At Case Communications, we pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced engineers in the industry, covering not only fashionable IP technology, but also core technologies such as TDM, SDH, ATM, stat muxes, modems, and voice and data integration. Here we provide an overview of some of the services we offer to our customers. As with any dynamic living organisation, we are driven by customer demand, and we often tailor services to specific customer requirements.

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