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Industrial DIN Rail Fibre Patch Panel

Industrial DIN Rail Fibre Splice and Patch Panel

Industrial DIN Rail Fibre Patch Panel


Industrial DIN Rail Splice & Patch Panel

The Industrial DIN Rail Splice & Patch Panel is ideally suited to installations where space is at a premium.  In addition to providing a fibre termination and patching point, the unit can also be used as a simple through Splicing enclosure or Spur unit, or a combination of these.

There are various mounting options available including DIN Rail, C-Rail and Panel mounting.  This allows for the unit to be located and mounted virtually anywhere inside a rack, potentially saving space and reducing cable runs. Incoming plant cable/s can be routed in from the top or bottom (up to 4 entries).Cables are secured within the integral adjustable clamps. A range of cable sizes can be secured from 6-22mm ø.  Optional central strength member anchor points are also available. Access to the inside of the unit is quick and easy by undoing the 2 quarter-turn fasteners and removing the steel protection cover.A laser warning sign located on the removable cover alerts users to the fact that hazardous laser radiation may be present at the unit or contained therein.

The unit has in-built fibre management ensuring that the minimum bend radius is adhered to. Integral Splice cassettes with built-in 12-fibre management make splicing safe and convenient. Fibre expansion kits are available comprising of an additional 12-way splice cassette loaded with fibre pigtails, and replacement bulkhead panel pre-loaded with bulkhead connectors.

Technical Specifications

DimensionsWidth: 250mm
Depth: 150mm
NB. Add 30mm for patch leads each side (15 x cable diameter)
Height: 150mm
MaterialsTop Cover: Mild Steel
Main body: Aluminum
FinishExternal: RAL 9001 (Cream)
Fine textured
Internal: Aluchrome
MountingDIN Rail, C-Rail and Panel, anyway up
CapacityUp to 48-way
Cable access4 x entry points via side mounted adjustable cable clampsNB. Card frame can be mounted either way up
AccessoriesStrength member supports
Expansion kits, pigtails
Bulkhead adaptors
Splice cassettes, diverse routing

Order Information

ProductPart Number
DIN RAIL7400-LC-9-48-001

images_datasheets_Patch_Panel_splice-patch-din-rail_v4.0.pdf (103 downloads)

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