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Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router MODBUS Support – 6402

6402-Industrial Router – DIN Rail Installation

6402 Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router MODBUS Support

6402 Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router MODBUS Support - Front and DSL  / 4G Input

6402-Industrial Router- Showing Power and relay block

Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router MODBUS Support

6402 Industrial ADSL Router, with dual 4G Back up, Dry Relay contacts, MODBUS Support, Wi-Fi, RS232/485 - Showing Power input, relays and Wi-Fi Antenna

6402-Industrial Router with Cellular and Wi-Fi Antenna

Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router MODBUS Support, Wi-Fi, RS232/485

6402 Industrial ADSL router front view showing dual Wi-Fi antenna, Console & USB Ports and dual 4G antenna on top

Industrial ADSL LTE 4G 3G Router – 6402 Overview

 6402 - Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router MODBUS Support

The 6402 Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router is a DIN Rail mounted Router with MODBUS support an RS232 / 485 port, Wi-Fi and dry relay contacts. Furthermore with its dual 3G/4G SIMS the 6402 has the ability to fall back or top up bandwidth using a cellular network. In addition the built in Wi-Fi allows wireless clients to connect securely using Wireless Encryption standards.

Intelligent use of available Cellular Networks

Dual SIMS allow the 6402 to operate over an LTE / 4G/3G/2G network. Because the 6402 has dual SIMS it can switch between network operators, or can be set to only use one network or the other. Finally the 6402 can load balance between the cellular and terrestrial networks or route traffic according by application.

There are two modes for operating the cellular network.

  • Always on - The 6402 connects to the network and keeps the link alive but no data is sent      until it is required to be sent. This mode means we have seem less failover with no delays
  • On Demand - The 6402 does not make a connection until it has data ti to send over the cellular network. This mode take a little longer to connect as the dial in connection has  to be established.

Client Wi-Fi

802.11n 2T2R MIMO 300Mbps (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz) Wi-Fi is provided within the 6402 supporting Wireless Clients using multi SSID WPS WMM with security provided by WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and 802.1x.

IP Sec and GRE Tunnelling

When operating over the Internet security is vital. The 6402 provides IP Sec with the options of several encryption algorithms, up to AES 256 encryption. Where we are unable to use a fixed IP Address the 6402 supports  FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name Server)

In addition GRE  (General Routing Encapsulation)  is also supported allowing transparent transport of 3rd party devices over the network.

Furthermore when using IP Sec its possible to have two tunnels established, a main and failover tunnel. In the event the main tunnel fails the failover will re-establish a connection to a second backup device.


Both Port and Tagged based VLANS are supported on the 6402 allowing security between devices on the router.

RS232 / 485 Serial Ports

An RS232 / 485 Serial port allows for legacy devices to be transported over ADSL or the cellular network  and to support MODBUS devices. Therefore its possible to allow an RS485/232 MODBUS Device to talk to a TCP/IP MODBUS Device through the 6402.

MODBUS Support

The 6402 has the ability to operate as a MODBUS Slave allowing a MODBUS Master to retrieve network status messages from the 6402. Typical messages could be on the status of the ADSL network for example;

  • The ADSL Connection Status
  • The upstream and downstream data rates
  • The ADSL Line Signal to Noise Ratio
  • The Status of the IP Sec Tunnels

Furthermore information on the cellular network is also sent to the MODBUS Registers for example the routers cellular 'Link Status', whether the 6402 has been registered on the cellular network or not and the mobile networks signal strength are all available.

VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)

The 6402 router supports VRRP allowing a second 6402 router to take over the operation of the primary router in the event of the primary router failing.

Digital Input / Output

Most Noteworthy is that the 6402 Industrial ADSL LTE 4G Router with MODBUS Support has dry relay contacts providing  digital Input / Outputs which allow the control of third party devices such as cabinet doors or relay alarms etc.

Dual Power Inputs

For maximum reliability the 6402 is equipped with dual power supplies each supply operating from 9 vdc to 48 vdc.

USB Port

The 6402 has a USB port on the front of the router which can be used by a 3G/4G Dongle or used as a mass storage device or other type of dongle.

Data Monitoring

A built in data monitor allows data to be monitored and output to a storage device such as a USB Stick attached to the 6402

6402 Management

Finally control and management of the 6402 is via a web  browser, via Telnet CLI, the local Console using a CLI, SNMP and TR-069. TR069  allows an ISP to automatically configure the 6402 using a TR069 server.


6402 Key Features

Modbus Cellular Gateway for Smart Industry, Smart Utility, Smart City, and Outdoor applicationsIPSec, PPTP, and L2TP VPN support up to 16 concurrent tunnels with max 70Mbps throughput (IPSec)
Equipped with a dual-SIM LTE and an ADSL2+ modem, provide WAN failover / load balancing function for highly reliable requirement, without geographic limitFirewall with SPI and IPS to prevent hacking attempts and enhanced network efficiency
Wi-Fi Compliance N300; Multiple (8) SSIDs for privilege group devices or usersSNMP, Telnet CLI, Web GUI,and TR-069 for control and management
4* 10/100Mbps LAN ports with tag based and port based VLANs. QoS and Bandwidth management to maximise available bandwidth.
1* DB9 (RS232/RS485) for various serial communications protocols, and 1*DI, 1*DO for device triggering or event reportingSeamless power failover between dual redundant 9-48V DC inputs
Full protocol stack for both IPv4 / IPv6. Provides 128 users and 50,000 concurrent sessions

6402 Network Examples

Industrial ADSL LTE 4G 3G Router - network examples

Case 6402 Industrial router Application diagram

6402 Specifications

Uplink1* embedded LTE (dual SIM),
1* RJ11 ADSL2+
Mgmt. Port1* RJ12 (RS232 Console)
LAN-RJ454* RJ45 FEStorage & Log1* USB 2.0
LAN WiFi11n 2T2R3G/4G Band2LTE: 800/900/1800/2600 MHz, UMTS: 900/2100 MHz
Com Bus1* DB9 (RS232/RS485)Antenna2* 5dBi detachable ant. (WiFi)
I / O1* DI,1*DO,Power SourceDual DC 9V~48V
EthernetLAN IP
Subnet Mask
WiFi System802.11n 2T2R MIMO 300Mbps (2.4GHz)NATALG
Special AP
Virtual Server/
PPTP/L2TP/IPSec Pass Through
WiFi OperationAP Router
WDS Hybrid Modes
Dynamic: RIP1/RIP2
ModeMulti SSID WPS WMMModbusModbus TCP Master/Slave
Modbus RTU/ASCII Master / Slave
WiFi SecurityWEP
Virtual ComRFC2217
TCP Client
TCP Server
WANMultiple WANs
Failover/Load Balance
Configurable 4G / ADSL
ConnectivitySIM-SIM Failover / Failback, Reliability 24/7
Cellular2G/3G/LTE IPv4/IPv6#
IP Pass-through
APN Mgmt.Auto-Detection
User Defined Priority
RFC1483 bridged
Network Scanning FeatureOperator/Service Type/Band Selection
IPv6Dual Stack
Data PlanMonitor
Usage Warning
Restricting Connections
Event Notify
Device Management
USSDManual/USSD Profile
FirewallSPI Firewall with Stealth Mode
VPN TunnellingIPSec
Open VPN
L2TP over IPSec;
Tunnelling with Full Tunnel
Tunnel Failover
Access ControlMAC Address Control
Packet Filters
URL Blocking
VPN’sSite to Site
Site to Host
Host to Site
Host to Host
Hub & Spoke
QoS & BWMPolicy-based Bandwidth Control and Packet Flow PrioritizationVPN CapacityIPSec: up to 16 tunnels
ConfigurationWeb UI
Telnet CLI
Console CLI
DI/DODigital input
Digital output
Event & HandlerDI/ DO
Email Alert
StorageI/O Status Records
Device/Event/Configuration Log File
SystemStatus & Statistics
FW Upgrade
Backup & Restore Settings
Watch Dog
Operating Temperature-200C ~ 600C
Storage Temperature-400C ~ 850C
Humidity10% ~ 95% (non-condensing)

6402 Ordering Information

Case 6402ADSL2+ Router with cellular back up
AC230~48vdc-70WOptional – 230vac to 48vdc Power Sup

Case Communications 6402 Data Sheet

6402-Manual-Rev-1-1.pdf (66 downloads)

For more information please contact Case Communications

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