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Industrial V.DSL / ADSL / -Fibre Router – 6540

Industrial V.DSL / ADSL / Fibre Router

Industrial V.DSL / ADSL-Fibre Router

Case 6540 Industrial V.DSL/ ADSL /Fibre router vertical front

Industrial V.DSL / ADSL-Fibre Router

Case 6540 Fibre / V.DSL / ADSL Industrial Router front horizontal

Industrial V.DSL / ADSL-Fibre Router

6540 Industrial ADSL / V.DSL / Fibre router DIN Rail

Industrial V.DSL / ADSL / Fibre Router

The Case Communications 6540 is a Industrial V.DSL / ADSL-Fibre Router with multiple WAN Technologies for maximum resilience.

ADSL 2+  - (G.992.5) for use on current networks, providing a maximum down speed rate of 24Mbps and upstream rate of 3.3Mbps using Annex M.

V.DSL2 - ( G.993.2) for (FTTC) Fibre to the Cabinet  with an upstream data rate of 20Mbps down link data rate up to 80Mbps, making the 6540 ideal for CCTV use.

Dual Gigabit Fibre - the 6540 also Dual Gigabit Fibre (SFP) ports for Fibre networks, allowing rates to 2Gbps.

Designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions - the 6540 is designed to operate in harsh conditions without the use of fans, and is supplied as both a DIN Rail and, Rack mounted router.

Ethernet Switch - the 6540 is also an Ethernet switch with 4 x 10/100Mbps ports which support PoE / PoE Plus and two 10/100/1000Mbps Mini GBIC Ports.

Security - the 6540 has high levels of security supporting VLANS, a Firewall and IP Sec, with AES, and 3 DES encryption, the 6540 also supports GRE Tunnelling.

Dry Relay Contacts - allow the switching of local devices such as door releases, or lights to be turned on or off etc.

Management  - is via a Browser and Gui or via a CLI, with support  SNMP V1/V2/V3.

Phase 2 - will see a dual cellular 4G / LTE SIM Back up module, and a plug in Wi-Fi option module. This will allow the use of 802.11P for roadside communications or 802.11 for more common Wi-Fi use.

Phase 3 will see the addition of MODBUS support the the 6540 transporting MODBUS and also setting registers based on SNMP Traps to allow RTU masters to retrieve the register values.


6540 INDUSTRIAL V.DSL / ADSL / Fibre Router Features
ADSL2+ Annex ‘M’ANSI T1.413 (ADSL) /G.992.1 G.Lite / G.994 (G.hs), / G.992.3 (G.DMT.bis) (ADSL 2) / G.992.5 (G.DMT.bis+ (ADSL2+)
Support Annex A / L / M / Support Annex B by special build
V.DSL 2 PlusG.992.3 / G993.2 AMD 7 (ToD) / G993.5 (G.Vector) / G998.4 (G.Inp)
Dual Gigabit Fibre portsSingle and Multi-Mode via Short Form Pluggabes
Operating Modes
Ethernet Over ATM (VC Mux / LLC SNAP Bridging)PPPoE – Point to Point Over Ethernet
Selection of pairs Bit Swap SRAPTM and ATM modes
Seamless Rate AdaptionPPPoA – Point to Point Over ATM IPoA
Line Coding(Trellis): On / offIP Over ATM (VC Mux / LLC Snap-Routing)
Routing and BridgingQuality of Service
IPv4 and IPv6 Static RoutingDSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point )
RIP V1 & V2 (Active or passive)Queue set up ATM 16 modes, PTM 8 modes
Static Routing32 classes of traffic
Policy based routingMulticast – IGMP Support
Bridging4 Queues for Ethernet Ports
Tunnelling TechnologyAccess Security
L2TP (Level two tunnelling protocol)Mac Filtering (bridging mode)
IP Sec (VPN) – Initiator and res-ponder modeAccess restriction by User name MAC Address Date / Time
F.Q.D.N (Fully Qualified Domain Name)URL Filter
Encryption 3 DES, AES 128, 192, 256IP and MAC Filtering mechanisms
Integrity Algorithm MD5 or SHA1Forwarding to DMX host
Certificates of AuthorityFirewall
Authentication X509 or Pre-SharedNAT and Full Cone NAT
GRE TunnellingVirtual Server (Protocol and external port number)
Support for VLAN Tagging
Port Triggering
User Facilities
DHCP ServerPoE/ PoE Plus on Tx ports
Port TriggeringPort Forwarding
Diagnostics and ReportingManagement
PPP Watchdog TimerWeb based / Browser Management
Attainable Rate (Kbps): SNMP v3
OAM Support – 802.3ah, 802.1ag / Y.1731Remote configuration support
Update firmware while keeping configuration dataSystem Log Support Log
TCP / DUMP MonitoringUpgrade software Import / export configuration
Watchdog timers – hardware and softwarePower Management / Save – for reduced carbon footprint
Command Line Interface
Operating temperature -40C ~ +75CHumidity – 10% ~ 90%
Power Supply – 12vdc ~ 72Vdc (48 vdc when running PoE)Power – Operational 2 Watts, Save mode 0.6W

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
RR 65406540 V.DSL/ADSL2/Fibre Router (-40°C to +75°C)
6540 AC-DC Power Adapter 70 Watts70C6540 100-240 vac Power Supply (-20°C to +70°C) Typical 48vdc