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About Case Communications

About Case Communications

Who are Case Communications?

1 Minute video explaining who we are.

Case Communications is a British company specialising in providing high quality rugged / industrial networks designed to operate reliably, and support mission critical applications in harsh conditions. 

Case Communications target markets include

SMART Cities

Oil and Gas Networks




Motorway Networks

Tunnel Networks

Emergency Service Networks - Tetra

Security networks - CCTV 

Networks for MOD


What we do

We design and develop our products within the UK and sell world-wide via carefully selected partners.

Case Communications technologies are managed and  include

  • Industrial Routers - D.S.L - Fibre - Cellular- Voice Over IP
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches 
  • Industrial Media Converters
  • Industrial Ethernet Extenders
  • Wireless / WiMax
  • Network Management - Open Management Platform capable of managing Case and 3rd party products.

Our History

With a history going back to the early 1970's Case Communications originated in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

The company developed some of the worlds most advanced technology which saw them win several large contracts.

Case secured a contract with Citi-Bank, which took the company into 63 countries world-wide and other major clients soon followed.

When Case Communications floated on the stock exchange their shares were over subscribed 15 times.

Case acquired a number of international companies such as Rixon (Maryland in America) and Dataco (worlds leading OSI company in Denmark) saw the company grow even more.

By the mid 1990's Case were the 6th largest networking company in the world and the largest manufacturer of Local Area Networks in Europe.

Case Communications continued developing advanced technologies.

The company employed some of the industries leading brains and sat on numerous standards bodies.

With a large research and development department large number of advanced technologies soon followed.

For example a range of advanced Frame Relay switches with packetised voice (forerunner of Voice Over IP) in 1988. 

Case worked with a well know university to develop voice technology capable of being transmitted at 100bps with toll quality voice at 300bps.

In 1997 Cable and Wireless purchased the UK's field service division and  Intel purchased the companies LAN Division.

The original WAN group moved to new offices in High Wycombe and specialised in the industrial networking sector where they have continued to develop and grow.

Major networks have been achieved in the Oil & Gas Industries, Railways, Underground networks, SMART Cities, Utilities, Emergency Services,  and alongside the Motorways.

Case Communications continues to invest heavily in Research and Development and continues to be trusted brand.  


 Case Communications pride themselves on providing some of the best support in the industry.

Being a product developer allows us to not only help customers configure and support their products, but allows us to add features in behalf of customers.

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