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Communications Technology White Papers

This page gives you access to Case Communications White Papers. Some are other pages within this web site while others are PDF Downloads. See other menu options for Pocket Books and Manuals.

White PaperLink
How to deploy Voice Over IP Deployment-of-VoIP.pdf (632 downloads)
Linux Router Overview Linux-Routers.pdf (0 downloads)
How to configure an IP Table Firewall IPtables-Firewall-configuration-white-paper.pdf (584 downloads)
Securing wireless networks and bio metric RFID An-Overview-of-Securing-Wireless-Networks-and-Biometric-RFID.pdf (576 downloads)
An introduction to SNMP MIB II An-Introduction-to-MIB-II.pdf (1 download)
Overview of LAN & WAN Over Over ATM Standards-for-the-Encapsulation-of-LAN-and-WAN-over-ATM.pdf (555 downloads)
An Overview of DMI Dynamic Management Interface as fitted to SFP;sD.M.I Dynamic Management Interface
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Virtual-Router-Redundancy-Protocol-VRRP.pdf (649 downloads)
X-Ring Plus Industrial Ethernet Switch Ring TechnologyX-Ring Plus Technology
24 Billion I.o.T devices are predicted to be on line by 2020 is this an opportunity or a threat 24-Billion-IOT-Devices-by-2020.pdf (111 downloads)

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