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Syncro 1496 Multi Modulation Sync Modem

Syncro 1496 multi modulation sync modem supporting V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.22bis, V.33 and V.29

The Syncro 1496 is a high speed synchronous leased line modem. It is designed for applications ranging from synchronous dial-up services to high-speed point-to-point use. It offers a fully automatic dial backup and restoral, making it ideal for use where continuous communications are required.

Syncro 1496

V32bis Leased Line

Syncro Modem

Synchronous Modem

Syncro 1496 installation

Synhronous Modem


  • Synchronous operation from 14,400bps down to 1,200bps
  • Fully automatic dial backup and restoral for non-stop leased line operation
  • Front panel switches and LEDs for configuration loading, dialling, diagnostics and monitoring
  • Command port supporting extended AT command set
  • Support for V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.22bis, V.33 and V.29 modulation schemes
  • 2 or 4-wire operation
  • Automatic fall-back/forward
  • Leased line or PSTN operation
  • V.25 auto-answer • Time of day/day of week dial backup restrictions in conjunction with the Network 16 Controller Card or Network
  • 12 Factory and 4 user configurations
  • 20 number telephone directory
  • Closed user group security
  • AT command, V.25bis, front panel or control signal (C/DTR) dialling
  • Comprehensive line quality analysis
  • Remote configuration using upload/download to save expensive site visits
  • Local and remote loopbacks to verify end-to-end operation
  • In-built test pattern generator and checker
  • Standalone or Network 16 Rack options for maximum flexibility
  • Integral power supply on standalone unit
  • Network manageable from DomainView Network Management System


Multi-Standard Operation

In V.32bis, V.32 and V.33 modes, trellis coding is used for maximum transmission performance. V.22bis, V.22, and V.29 modes are provided for backward compatibility.

Stored Configurations

12 frequently used configurations are pre-set and can be easily loaded using the front panel buttons. These configurations may be modified to suit individual requirements and stored as one of four individual user defined configurations.

Command portA separate command port is provided to allow configuration and monitoring of call progress without interrupting the main data channel. Local and remote configurations can be changed and telephone numbers entered.
Non-stop operationThe Syncro 1496 gives the reassurance of a full non-stop communications link, whether operating your leased circuits in 4-wire V.33 or V.29 mode or 2-wire V.32bis V.32, V.22bis or V.22 mode. Any leased line failure is recognised and reported immediately. If required, the Syncro 1496 can then establish an alternative link on dial backup lines using V.32bis at 14400bps, V.32 at 9600bps V.22bis at 2400bps or V.22 at 1200bps. The leased line is monitored continuously and as soon as normal operation can be safely restored, the Syncro 1496 will automatically switch back to the leased line. This feature gives minimum dial-up costs as well as non-stop operation.
SecurityWhen dial backup is initiated, the Syncro 1496 uses a proprietary method of tone generation to ensure only genuine backup calls are accepted.
Time of day/day of week restrictionsIn conjunction with the Network 16 Controller Card, the Syncro 1496 can be programmed with a dial backup profile which allows the user to prevent the modem from performing a dial backup at certain times of the day and certain times of the week. Dialling Methods The Syncro 1496 offers a choice of 4 different dialling methods:
* Front panel dialling from the first pre-stored directory numbers
* Dialling using AT commands
* Dialling using V.25bis commands
* Dialling on DTR
Tests and diagnosticsLocal and remote V.54 compatible loopback tests are included in the Syncro 1496. These tests can be activated either by using the front panel buttons, by software command or from the DTE interface. A built-in test pattern generator verifies operation and an error count is reported.Finally a comprehensive range of line quality measurements are available to allow on going assessment of line performance.

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