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7495 SIP GSM Gateway PBX VoIP Router

7495 SIP GSM Gateway PBX Voip Router

The Case Communications  7495 is a PBX, voice and data router, SIP gateway  / server, GSM gateway, and DACCS.

Constructed using a common set of cards the 7495 is a 1U 19inch rack mount product with 4 E1 / T1 ports, up to 32 analogue and 12 GSM ports. The  4000 is a 6U 17 slot cardframe supporting up to 5 processor cards, 20 x E1 / T1 ports and 160 analogue ports, allowing the product to be truly scaleable and flexible.

7495 1U Voice Over IP, SIP Server / Gateway

Case Communications 7495 SIP gateway, VoiP Router, GSM Gateway & PBX, supports 4 x E1, 4 x Bri,32 analogue ports, 16 GSM ports.

4000 17 Slot 6U cardframe

The Case Communications 4000 17 slot  cardframe supports up to 20 x E1/T1 ports and 160 analogue channels.

7495 VoiP Router, SIP Gateway, GSM gateway TDM to IP, DACCS Application Examples

7495 VoiP Router, SIP Gateway, GSM gateway TDM to IP, DACCS Application examples

Case Communications 7495 Features
4 x E1/T1 Primary rate trunks per 749520 x E1/T1 Primary rate ISDN ports per 4000 chassis
1 to 32 analogue ports per 7495Up to 160 analogue ports per 4000
Up to 4 x Basic Rate ISDN ports per 74952 x 10/100Mbps ports per 7495
Up to 12 GSM ports per 7495
Signalling Signalling conversion
SDN Pri (Q.931)SIP
CAS Multiple CODECS including T.38 Fax support
7495 Voip TDM PBX (Asterisk) Applications
7495 Voip TDM PBX (Asterisk) Applications
Voice and data router with SIP and GSM Gateway
Time Division Multiplexer PBX (Using Asterisk) TDM to Voice Over IP Gateway
PBX Features: Call forwarding / Call hold / Transfer, Music on hold, Call Parking, Call Pickup, Speed dial, CLIP / CLIR, Automatic Attendant
Signalling converter – R2 MFC / ISDN DSS1 – SIP, Routing to another E1 if there is no free capacity for simultaneous calls.
Concentration of 4 x E1 / T1’s
Multiple Gateways – allowing the 7495 to connect several different customers and to keep their traffic segmented.
SIP Proxy server
Voice ProcessingChannel Codecs
G.711 (A Law, and U-Law)Supported Voice CodecsCalls
G.723.1 – Annex A and BHairpinning256
G.726G.711 – 10ms64
G.729 Annex A, Annex BG.72632
G.165/G.168 – 2004 Echo cencellation to 128msG.729 a. b32
Timeslot Interchange for TDM Traffic processingG.723.124
Echo cancellationT.38 (Fax support )16
Patented robust jitter buffer Conferencing24
Generation Level Software AdjustableSIP Protocols
RTP – RFC 1889, RFC 2833, RFC 3389RFC 3261 Compliant without S/MIME, TCP and TLS Support
DTMF generation and detectionRFC 2327 (SDP)
Call progress and tone generation
Carrier tone generation and detection
Caller ID generation and detection
Silence detection / suppression
Comfort noise generation
Voice RoutingISDN Signalling
Local SwitchingEuro ISDN EDSS – 1 / ETSI PRI / NET5
Interface hunt groupsETS 300011 (ISDN PRI UNI)
Routing CriteriaETS 300012 (ITU T.1430)
Calling / called party numberETS 300402 (ITU-T Q.921)
Time of day / day of weekETS 300403 (ITU-T Q.931)
ISDN bearer capabilityETS 300102-2 (ITU-T Q.931)
Number manipulation functionsISDN speech, audio and data (Fax Gr4, UDI 64)
Replace numbers / Add / remove digits
Multiple remote gateways
GSM ParametersCAS MFC R2 Signalling
Quad band 850/900/1800/900MhzITU -T From Q.440 to Q.480, Q.490
GPRS multi-shot class 10/8ITU-T from Q.421 to Q.424
GPRS mobile station class BBasic technical requirements for digital switching system and PCM transmission system
Compliant to GSM Phase 2+
Class 4 (2W@ 850 / 900Mhz)
Class 1 (1W@ 1800/1900Mhz)
GSM Voice Specifications#Colspan#
Tricodec – Half rate / Full rate / enhanced full rate
AMRSupported Modulations
Half Rate (HR)
Full Rate (FR)
* V21 Ch2
* V27 2400 / 4800
* V29 7200 / 9600
* V.17 7200 / 9600 / 12000/14400
* Fax Pass Through – transport of fax modulations over G.711
* Modem pass through – transport of modem modulation over G.711
Quality of ServiceNetworking
Q.o.S (Quality of Service ) pre-routerDHCP support and capabilities
ToS (Type of Service) / Diff ServeStatic routing
Supported Q.OS MarkingVLSM
Fax and Modem SupportManagement
T.38 real-time fax protocol.FAX Relay (9.6Kbps-14.4Kbps) V.27, V.29, V.17 V.35Local management (local user site) – Browser – CLIRemote management CLI – SSH
G.711 FAX and Modem bypassText and Graphic mode
DimensionsPower Sources
7495 19 inch 1U 44H x 282D x 485W 85volts to 260vac
40241 17 slot 6U 264H x 282D x 485D-40V to -65VDC, 48 VDC
Dual DC and AC Power supply inputs

7495 Voice and data router application examples

7495 Voice and data router application examples

7495 SIP Signalling Converter

7495 SIP  Signalling Converter

7495 SIP Server

 7495  SIP Server

7495 TDM to VoiP Gateway

7495 TDM to VoiP Gateway

7495 IP PBX multiple gateways

 7495 IP PBX  multiple gateways

7495 4 x E1 / T1 Primary rate ISDN to IP

7495 4 x E1 / T1 Primary rate ISDN to IP

7495 IP to GSM to PSTN to PDH-analogue

 7495 IP to GSM to PSTN to PDH-analogue

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