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Case Communications work with our partners Baker Leasing to provide a leasing service.

The benefits of leasing as opposed to purchase:

  • An excellent way to budget for future expenditure. All rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement thus allowing you to accurately budget for future expenditure.
  • Possibility for off balance sheet financing.
  • Certain agreements offer taxation savings as all rentals may be allowable against corporation tax.
  • You can preserve your existing lines of credit or cash position for your business working capital requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a lease?

A lease is a legally binding agreement that extends over a period of a year or more, and which involves fixed payments made on stipulated dates, by the user of the equipment to the owner of these assets.

What equipment value can we finance?

Baker Leasing can finance assets from £1,000+VAT up to many millions.

Is my organisation suitable for a finance facility?

Companies of all sizes and types, unincorporated businesses and Public Services can make use of these forms of finance.

How do I choose a finance company?

Look to the size and background of the company. Is the company well established and have you undertaken a credit check on them? Ask if the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) regulate their agreements. Also, are they a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB).

Why should I look for a finance agreement when a bank loan or overdraft is cheaper?

A bank loan is typically repayable upon demand and guarantees or set up fees may be necessary. Also, leasing can prove to be more tax efficient. Your existing facilities will remain in place as we are a separate finance company.

How long should the agreement be?

The maximum period should be no longer than the expected useful life of the equipment you are leasing. Other than that, you need to decide what period best suits your budget. The minimum period does not have to be in whole years. It maybe a 27 or 40 month period that matches your needs, however a typical agreement is over 36 months.

What can be included in the agreement? The whole solution can be financed including intangible elements such as software, training, cabling, consultancy and installation. Maintenance agreements can also be included as part of the package.

What type of equipment can you finance?

Predominantly, our core focus is in the financing of office-based equipment such as computer hardware and software, furniture, audio-visual and telephone systems. However, should you have any requirements for the financing of motor vehicles or plant and machinery, please Contact Us

What are the main conditions on your finance agreements?

You should always read any legal binding document thoroughly. If in doubt, get an independent person to read the agreement and explain what the terms mean. Alternatively, a Baker Leasing employee will be more than happy to talk through any points you would like to raise The main conditions are as follows:

  • The equipment does not belong to you, hence you cannot sell it
  • You must keep the equipment insured under your insurance policy
  • Interest charges can be levied for late payment
  • The rentals will only change if there is a change in taxation rates
  • The finance company or Baker Leasing are under no circumstances responsible for the quality or maintenance of the equipment, the choice of your supplier and any warranty issues that may arise
  • Please note, there are many other important terms and conditions that you need to read. We have only highlighted a few of the conditions we are frequently asked questions about

When do the rentals start?

The first rental is usually payable within ten days of the equipment being delivered.

What happens at the end of a minimum term rental agreement?

Customers have a number of options at the end of the minimum term:

  • Continue making rental repayments
  • Terminate the agreement and return the equipment
  • Continue to rent the equipment for a reduced rental or a one off infinite rental payment.

How do you provide an ongoing service?

An ongoing service is not just about communication with your company and asking when we can finance your next asset purchase.
It is about:

  • Providing you and your auditor with copies of agreements and details of equipment on finance
  • Liaising with insurance and/or maintenance companies where necessary
  • Supplying upgrade or settlement figures when required
  • Keeping you up to date with any new product or money saving ideas
  • Advising you when you have completed one or two years of the agreement?
  • Advising you on asset disposals

What is our next step?

Contact a member of Baker leasing for a quote

You can arrange for the regular rentals to be in line with your budgeted expenditure by altering the length of the agreement.

You can pay VAT on each rental as opposed to when you purchase the equipment.

The agreement is a medium term facility, which cannot be withdrawn, provided the rentals are made. The uncertainty that may be associated with overdrafts, which are repayable upon demand, is removed.

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