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Monitoring Service

Keeping a close eye on your network

CaseView is the eyes and ears for your network, letting you know what’s working and what is not, reporting on traffic patterns and allowing one click connections to equipment.

Visualise, monitor and pro-actively manage your network. CaseView is a secure distributed network management system that will monitor your entire network infrastructure.

CaseView is powered by the industry-standard CastleRock SNMPc7 System. With support for all versions of SNMP v3, unparalleled ease of use, and versions for both small and large networks, it is easy to see why over 100,000 copies of SNMPc have been deployed.

SecureSafely manage devices with SNMP v3 Authentication and Encryption. Tailor view and capabilities to each management userMulti-VendorView and modify standard and private information on routers, switches, services and other devices from any vendor. Instantly see if your O.T.U is on line and responding to enquires from CaseView
ScalableUse distributed polling and server components for workgroup, large Intranet or Management Service Provider configurationsTight IntegrationAs well as being bale to manage all network devices that present an SNMP interface, tighter integration is available for all SNMP Manageable devices from CaseView. For example, Industrial Routers, Switches, Ethernet Extenders
ConnectedCath problems quickly, with e-mail and pager, event notification. Forward events to ‘help desk’ or other management systemsProactiveMonitor LAN / WAN performance and service availability with WEB reports to effectively plan upgrades and reduce wasted bandwidth
AccessibleMonitor and manage your network from remote locations with SNMPc, Windows Client and JAVA Web consolesIntegratedAutomatically export map topology, trend statistics, and event log entries to industry standard databases

Keeping a close eye on your network


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